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Furoshiki Fabric - Happy Grapefruit

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Green, practical, durable and cute!

- 1 furoshiki fabrics for washable and reusable packaging.
My artwork printed on cotton fabric.
Medium size: approximately 19 x 19 "45cm x 45cmm)

- 1 Cardboard box
Colors: white and gold
Format: 4 (width) x 4 (length) x 4.5 " (heigh)

Ideal to offer a candle, box of chocolate, tea, box of jewelry, perfume, pocket books ... Can also be used as a napkin or placemat.


Furoshiki is the traditional Japanese art of using fabric to wrap gifts or easily take things away.
The giver presents the gift to the guest, reveals it and then keeps the fabric for the next use. Win-win and eco-responsible♥︎

Each item is cut and sewn by hand, they may look a little different from the pictures above.