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Isabelle Yam is a graphic designer, illustrator, lover, young mother in her thirties. She loves cats, coffee, art, graphic design, packaging and everything CUTE! 

Serif & Glyph
Serif and Glyph are the names of the cats I had in the past. I had chosen my company name in their honor. I miss them ... Serif was our big black and white cat, a little silly, lazy but loyal. Glyph a.k.a Glee is a little three-colored calico cat, so sweet and playful!

The Berries
The collection The Berries was born since Isabelle became a mother.
The Berries is a gift box for newborns that includes the essentials for new parents and their babies. It comes in a range of re-thought and playful objects that will be useful at birth.

The kit is also available in a version specially designed for parents and their baby born prematurely. The goal of my creations is to bring the positive side in your lives. The cause of prematurity is close to my heart. Every year, Serif & Glyph contributes to charity cause that help sick children. 💜