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Milestones stickers - Preemie

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3 sticker sheets
Self-adhesive vinyl paper
(Matte sticker paper for appointments)
Format: 5 x 5 inches

Specially designed for each stage of the premature baby's development, from birth to discharge from hospital, as well as markers for medical appointments.

Make your life easier with these calendar and planner stickers.

Beautiful baby memories!

A great baby shower gift or a sweet little thought for parents who has a little preemie baby.


Actual age VS corrected age?

The corrected age is used for babies born preterm up to about 2 years of age, and sometimes longer for some children.

For example: If the expected due date was March 14, corrected age and the birth date is January 14, actual age, then this baby was born at 32 weeks gestation.ion.

Source: Préma-Québec


Milestone calendar with stickers:Click here